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Let’s continue to reset Hotmail password. This article will end the series. If you do not lose your password, you still read this article to prepare necessary information, it will be useful when you have problem of losing password. If you do that, You will login Hotmail account again easily.

 Step 6
Fill in the questionnaire (if needed). If you have to select “I do not have any of these,” you will be asked to answer a questionnaire to prove you are the owner of the account. The purpose of this step is to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your private email. Before you start, you will have to provide an alternate email address. If you do not have one, you can create a new free email account. [1]

You will be asked questions like used passwords, account creation dates, and other questions related to your use. Try to answer as accurately as possible. These surveys will be checked by the support staff and collated with stored data to determine the accuracy. Processing and response may take several days.

Step 7
Get the authentication code. if you have chosen the authentication method, get the code to access the password reset page.

If you choose to use email, check where email messages may have been sent, including Spam. If you use Gmail or Google Mailbox, check the “Updates” section.

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